Will LED Displays Have a Shocking Impact in Q3/4 2017 ?

Could Digital Signage Be More Effective Than Online Advertising?

We know that a LED display is more eye catching than regular static signage, but is it also more effective than online advertising on popular sites like Facebook? And do people actually remember the messages conveyed? Here are 18 surprising statistics about digital signage read more…

LED Display an Essential Business Tool

Digital Signage predominantly builds brand awareness, delivers important information, increases operational efficiency and helps generate a return on investment all whilst breaking through the noise and clutter of the competitive marketplace. This article talks about why you should add a LED display to your marketing toolbox read more…

Positive impacts

Its always good to hear more positive information and feedback on the ever growing digital signage industry. Digital signage can and does have an impact on such things as customer satisfaction and loyalty and this article has some interesting statistics to back it up read more…

Author: Brendan O.

Over 6 years experience working in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry with a focus on LED Display & Lighting Technology. As the General Manager of a joint design and manufacturing company my role involved managing all aspects of the business while portraying a strong presence of leadership and strategic thinking.

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